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What if you could address issues before they turn to disease

Thermography was approved by the FDA in 1982

ThermoBuzzer™ is the perfect tool to detect issues in the body when prevention is still an option. ThermoBuzzer™ is mobile, infrared imaging that visually demonstrates stress imbalances in the body as heat.

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With thermography you can know what is going on in your body, have ideas why you have certain symptoms, and get an idea where pain is originating. You will see in real time what is happening in any area of your body that is uncovered. Requiring no radiation or touching of the skin, infrared cameras take real-time pictures. Low circulation shows as cooler temperatures, and inflammation or excess circulation shows as warmer.

Thermography is completely safe, painless, and extremely effective.

Thermography is safe for all ages.  

I can take pictures of your face, sides of head, neck / thyroid, back, chest, legs, and feet. By measuring differences in temperatures in each picture I can locate normal and possibly abnormal functions of the body. Larger differences in temperature indicate more functional imbalances. Once they have been taken, your pictures will be saved, evaluated for specific temperature points, and then emailed to you.

Important Notes About Thermography

Thermography is not a diagnostic test. While I cannot tell you why the temperature is higher or lower in any area just from the pictures, you will see areas with circulation and inflammation issues.  When you make changes to your health to increase or decrease circulation, your thermography results will show your improvement.

After using homeopathic or nutritional supplements for example, you can be retested to see improvements. After energy work, massage, or chiropractic adjustment, you will see changes in the temperatures immediately.

Thermography does not replace any other form of testing, but can be used in addition to other tests. This technology cannot see inside the cavities inside the body. Thermography assesses the surface temperature of your body and can help you discover potential physical conditions.

Thermography may be performed during any part of the menstrual cycle without effecting the interpretation of the images and breast thermography is perfectly safe during pregnancy or when nursing.

ThermoBuzzer Imaging Consultants have been extensively trained in using safe, non-invasive infrared thermography imaging technology to visually show surface heat patterns, stress imbalances and unconscious psycho-social habits (via the autonomic nervous system). ThermoBuzzer is an invaluable tool for you to monitor your healing progress.