Jennifer Gale
Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner

Light and color therapy

Balance your body with Color Therapy

Light & Color are

Essential To Our Lives

Color and Light are essential to our lives.

We know that sunlight is basic to life, growth, health, and energy. Depriving plants or animals of adequate light causes disease and/or destruction. The body absorbs color through the eyes, the skin, and the aura. If any part of the body is weak, quite often the right color in the right place can restore balance.

Color is a form of electromagnetic energy that makes up visible light. It is made up of different wavelengths and frequencies – each color having its own particular wavelength and frequency. These frequencies and wavelengths make up visible light energy and are a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum that makes up the universe. The spectrum ranges between Infrared and UltraViolet.

Color Therapy is a system of using color to balance the body and support well-being. The chart below describes some of the benefits for some of the colors available with Color Therapy.

Enjoy the healing power of

Color Light Therapy

Spectro-Chrome Therapy

Spectro-Chrome therapy is the system of color and light therapy I use to balance the body and support well-being.

The Spectro-Chrome system evolved from the research, studies and contributions of many scientists, doctors and researchers. It built upon traditional understandings of the power of color and sunlight itself.

All the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique properties. Spectro-Chrome color therapy utilizes these properties to re-establish balance and equilibrium in the body, mind and spirit in a holistic way.