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Get Started with a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Step 1– Message me so we can determine if a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a good fit for you. 

Step 2– If an analysis is a good fit, you will receive an email invitation to join my practice management site (GETHEALTHIE). Once there, you can upload copies of your existing blood work. On this private site we will have direct communication and all payment information is handled safe and securely.  You can also use conventional mail or email your existing results if you like. I recommend Blood work be recent- within 6-12 months.  Functional lab testing is not included with this product.  

Step 3– Once I have received and reviewed your results, I will contact you directly via your preferred means and schedule a time to discuss your analysis.

If you are interested in a PREMIERE blood chemistry report, please see below for Direct to Consumer Blood Panels you can order to make your report even more detailed and relevant using the latest blood chemistry markers being presented by the Functional community. 

Would you like an even More Detailed report?

Let's investigate more

The more biomarkers a blood test panel has on it, the more specific and precise the Functional Report will be.  Standard blood chemistry panels offer enough for a decent starting point of initial analysis. But everyday, greater understanding of the relevance and validity of new and additional markers becomes available. The software that I use is a PREMIERE clearinghouse for all the latest data and algorithms.

There are five excellent panels I recommend from ULTA LABS if you would like to take your Report to the next level.  You can order them from my direct link! If you order a blood panel from my UltaLabs portal, a Functional Report will be provided to you for FREE.

The FIVE panels I recommend are: