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What Is Naturopathy

An Art, A Science, And A Philosophy

Here Is Our

Fundamental Principle

Naturopathy recognizes that we exist as an interconnection of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Because of this truth, ANY one of these realms can both showcase a symptom or carry the root cause of disease.

It follows then, that in order to enjoy a true return to health, an effective health solution must address all 3 realms to achieve superior health and balance.

6 principles of naturopathy


Do No Harm
 First, do no harm! – Doing no harm means to champion therapies that nourish and strengthen the body.  Non-invasive means of assessment and analysis are generally preferred and promoted.


Healing power of nature
Recognize and utilize the healing power of nature! - Many healing tools come directly from the earth. Hydrotherapy (water therapy), herbs and botanical preparations, essential oils, and homeopathy are just a few that come directly from nature to us.


Identify & Treat The Causes
Identify and address the root cause! - Illness and imbalance do not occur without cause. In fact, symptoms are the body's means of letting us know there's a problem. The body always whispers before it shouts.


Doctors as teachers
Naturopath as Teacher! – Naturopaths believe our primary role is to provide information and empower people to take charge of their own health. Every Naturopath takes an oath to be a provider of all that they know without reservation to all that we encounter.


Treat the whole person
Recognize the whole person! – We are complex, multifaceted beings. Way more than just a body and some collection of thoughts. In fact, we are beings of ENERGY. The interaction of mind, body, and spirit in concert with our energies must be engaged to achieve full health and wellness.


Focus on prevention
Prevention is key! – True wellness requires making daily investments in our health. Examples of this are eating real, whole foods that nourish us, exercising, building loving relationships and supportive communities, taking care of our lands, and interacting with spirit. Healthy people live in healthy environments.

The Sky Is Our Limit!

Why Choose Naturopathy

In terms of the types of healing modalities Naturopathy uses, there are literally HUNDREDS that Naturopathy accesses. Some of the more well-known ones are using herbal preparations, physical manipulation or bodywork, essential oils, nutritional adjustment, community engagement, homeopathy, water therapy, and interaction with nature. But there are plenty more. What makes Naturopathy special is that each person is looked at individually so treatment and modality choice are individualized and specific.

In terms of what True Naturopathy DOES NOT traditionally use, we do not intensively study or train in the use of administering synthetic drugs or surgery.  Though these applications may have use for people in certain settings and cases, they do not fall within the Naturopathic scope of use. An unfortunate reality of Naturopathic work in our modern times is having the need to craft lifestyle plans that address the damage and fall-out that often comes from the use of conventional pharmaceutical products and treatment choices. 

The brightest spot with this sort of work is that the wisdom of the body ALWAYS reigns supreme. If appropriate naturopathic work is applied with care and thought in early stages of imbalance, even severe imbalanced states can be reversed.

A return to health IS possible. Balance is the desired outcome and Naturopathy is the pathway to this balance.

Let's Dispel Some Myths About

Traditional Naturopathic Work

Traditional Naturopathic training is rigorous – 4-6 years of academic work – intertwined with a mix of hands-on application and practicum, research, presentation, and study.

Examples of the modalities Naturopaths use are:


Aromatherapy and Essential oil work

Nutritional counseling

Energy work

Music/Color/Art therapy



Cranio-sacral therapy

Nutritional counseling


And so many more!

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