Jennifer Gale
Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner

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Jennifer Gale, Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner

ThermoBuzzer™ Imaging Consultant * Certified NES Bioenergetics Practitioner * Holistic Cancer Coach *Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner * Midlife Metabolism Institute Lead coach for the Hormone Balance Mastermind, Gut Rehab and Detox, and Brain, Body and Beyond online workshops. I’m passionate about all things Natural Health and offer in-person and virtual consults. I hope you take some time to look through my website and get to know me better and the services I offer. There’s no better time than right now to start your Natural Health Journey. I’d be honored to walk it with you. To your good health!

Dr Keith Brennan, Chiropractor

Dr Keith Brennan owns and runs the Back to Health Wellness Center. The center has a mission to deliver exceptional wellness, therapy, and chiropractic services and be a strong presence in the community, where patients feel like family and leave with a smile on their face! At Back to Health Wellness Center, we are not your average healthcare office. We believe that the greatest wealth is health. We live by our core values of compassion, integrity, and enthusiasm. And we offer a multitude of comprehensive wellness options to help YOU get BACK to HEALTH! Our offerings include chiropractic services, massage therapy, health coaching, naturopathy, and nutrition.

Keto Katz Bakery

Anna (a keto cook) & Lisa (a registered dietitian) are real life moms, wives, food obsessed, carb-addicted Italians, formerly morbidly obese women who made nutrition and health their priority without skipping a beat! We know how overwhelming it can feel to meet your health goals while living your life which is why we will keep your diet stress-free with the following offerings: Keto baked goods, Free recipes for food and keto cocktails, Cooking demonstrations on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and Support & education in our blog.

Pura Vida Salt Therapy

Salt therapy, otherwise known as Halotherapy, is one of the oldest forms of natural healing. Halotherapy (halo=salt) is a form of alternative medicine/treatment that involves breathing dry, salty air. A visit to the salt cave can have positive benefits from the inside out affecting body, mind and spirit. The therapeutic benefits of salt therapy come with no harmful side effects and have been proven effective for both adults and children. Salt rooms and salt therapy is a fairly new practice here in the States, but in Europe it is well known as a medicine-free therapy.

More Than a Mat Yoga

More Than a Mat Yoga is a no-intimidation community yoga studio in Mt. Clemens. We create a judgement-free space for every(body) - every age, size, and shape! We provide yoga classes, workshops and retreats that nurture each person's unique yoga journey ~ beginners to advanced yogis. Our team is here to support each student's practice to positive change with yoga (and more) for whole body wellness. Real life happens. You show up as you are. Join our community. We've got you!

EnTouch LLC Yoga, Massage, Wellness

Scott and Jennifer's vision is to provide a wellness center for the community where everyone can come without judgment, work to enrich their lives through the practice of yoga, meditation, and receive the healing touch of massage and bodywork through many different modalities. Entouch is dedicated to educating and providing the community constructive stress management practices to help enrich their quality of life, and get "Entouch" physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer Yoga, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Infrared Sauna, Cupping, Akashic Record Readings, Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Energy Balancing, Energetic Womb Healing, Past Life Regression Experience, Reflexology, Reiki, Sound Healing, Soul Retrieval/Trauma Release, Chakra & Aura biofeedback reports , crystals, tea, essential oils, incense, malas, and other items for sale.

All 4 One Shopping Club

All4One Club is a shopping Club that is Community Based and is grounded in Health and Wellness. We carry a line of Liposome Delivery Creams that deliver quick - fast acting relief through Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids that bypass the digestion system, stomach (acid bath) and intestine (bile salts) to give your body what it really needs to be healthy!!!! We also have a line of magnesium creams, sprays, balms and bath/foot salts that are amazing!! Our Microgreens are also top notch and very high quality!!!

Hand & Stone Massage

Hand & Sone Massage and Facial Spa opened in Chesterfield in March, 2020. We offer a variety of massage modalities including our signature Hot Stone massage. We also offer a full array of facial and waxing services, utilizing Dermalogica and Clarity products. We are focused on the health and well-being of our clients offering affordable services that improve your lifestyle.

Renee Collica, Independent Bemer Distributor

BEMER is a medical device that stimulates healthy muscles and temporarily increases blood circulation in healthy muscles. BEMER’s primary goal is to support muscular health and optimize performance. BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal.

Hampton Natural Therapeutics | Homeopathy & Energy Medicine

HNTHERAPEUTIC, is a division of my practice that is devoted to the creation of energetic remedies that are individualized for that person using information from their environment! I offer: Classical Homeopathy • Homotoxicology & Causal Chain Analysis • EAV / EDS / Voll Testing • Tissue Mineral Analysis (Mineral Balancing) • Electro Acupuncture (Meridian Balancing) • Low Level Laser Therapy • Environmental & Electromagnetic Protection • Individualized Homeopathic Remedies • Homeopathic Infusions for Plants and Seeds • Metabolic Typing (Individualized Nutrition Based on Tissue Mineral Analysis & EAV) • Highest Quality Homeopathics, Supplements & Herbal Remedies. Jeff Sorna.

Polar Physical Therapy and Fitness LLC

I opened my doors in May of 2021 in Fraser Michigan. I have experience in inpatient rehab physical therapy with most of my experience in outpatient physical therapy which is the focus of my clinic. Before branching out on my own, I was a clinical director at a physical therapy corporation with over 900 clinics nationwide. Now I have a small private practice focused on individual care. I also have my personal training certification. And I worked to get my certification in dry needling and an aromatherapy certification while I was setting up the legal and physical requirements of opening my clinic. I don't want to leave any box unchecked when it comes to helping people get better. Julie Plichota, DPT

Laura Denise, Somatic Practitioner

Hi, I'm Laura Franco, owner of Laura Denise LLC. Transformative events are why I am here today. I felt stuck. I got triggered and would either endure the storm or aggressively try to control everything around me. I was so tired of things being this way, but I didn't know what else I could do? I kept seeing these patterns repeat themselves in my life every day. I had feelings of anger, sadness and rage. I felt ashamed and guilty that they existed within me. What I've learned is that my feelings are a part of me, just as you have feelings that are a part of you. I am here to help you allow those feelings to be what they need to be, to see you when these deep feelings start to arise. To help you stay present in your body and breathe and move. Sessions will help you to find a safe resource within your body. This is the space you can continue to come back to when you need to connect to safety. I use a combination of top down and bottom up approach. What I've found is that when we only focus on one type of approach, such as talk therapy we can become stuck. Movement, breathwork and repatterning are how we can start to move the energy and feel into the spaces of our body. I am available by appt at the Urban Naturopath office in Mount Clemens! Laura Denise

First Years Maternal Health

First Years Maternal Health, owned by Morgan Staton, is a concierge women's health and early intervention occupational therapy practice that focuses on helping pre and postnatal people with their physical and mental health and wellness surrounding the childbearing years. First Years Maternal Health also empowers parents with strategies and tools in order to nurture their child's development through play and sensory regulation. In addition, Morgan has also partnered with Qsciences, a health and wellness company with a focus in providing clean, but effective products to allow individuals to feel their best both physically and mentally.

Evelin Valdez | Naturopath, Lotus Wellness, Alternative and Holistic Health Services

I’m Evelin. I am a Natural Health Therapist working towards my certification as a Naturopath. I currently see clients for the following services: Natural Health Consultation, Healthy Cooking and meal preparations, Nutrition Consultation, Natural Cleansing, Reflexology, Chakra Connection and Cleansing, Meridian Work, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Emotional Release , Allergy corrections, Muscle Response Testing. Contact info: 586-876-5100. Or email

Oasis Well Being

Oasis Well Being is dedicated to providing quality mental health support through a body based approach. We provide individual sessions as well as groups and workshops designed to help support individuals navigate the difficult parts of life. Our practitioners often incorporate meditation, movement, body awareness, yoga, breathwork, bioenergetics and Art Therapy into sessions. These modalities help to bring awareness to how a person's body and nervous system is reacting and responding to stressors, emotions and trauma. . Our goal is to help people to be able to function more effectively, improve their quality of life by reducing the daily struggle of managing symptoms and suffering. Jessica Smigels is our Art Therapist and Kundalini yoga instructor. She offers a variety of group classes, workshops and individual sessions that provide a unique combination of movement, meditation and art therapy into one powerful experience. Art therapy is about the process of creating, exploring what comes up through allowing oneself to create not about the final product or the "art". Kelly Zalewski.

Nutripath Nutrition

Healthy From the Inside Out! We unearth the reasons why your body is not functioning correctly and we provide you with a plan to get your body back on track. Contact: Vivian Dusina (586) 554-7166

Dr James Zheng, Lac

Traditional, High - quality Acupuncture work. Dr Zheng is a well-kept secret among many conventional doctors in Macomb County. Dr Zheng is the "first call" with tough patient cases that aren't responding to conventional therapies. He has a waiting list that's MONTHS long - for very good reason. contact Dr Zheng: (586) 778-0899.


Debby Gasperoni, a top Executive Leader with FITTEAM, not only has a personal passion for health, nutrition, exercise, personal growth and leadership development, she uses her own experiences to work with and empower people to be fit physically with life-changing, superior products and provide a financial opportunity that delivers freedom for those seeking greater control over their work-life balance. Best known for their all Certified USDA Organic and non-GMO powder supplements, FITTEAM also offers 30 day nutrition programs and a high quality activewear wardrobe for every body.

My Therapy Spa

Therapyspa is a mental health and wellness practice providing counseling along with non-traditional treatment options to address symptoms that accompany mental and emotional stress. Since our mental, emotional and physical health are all interconnected, we utilize a variety of techniques and treatments that equally address the mind and the body. Our mission is to break the stigmas surrounding counseling by providing innovative treatment modalities in a relaxed, spa-like environment and unique wellness experience to clients in search of relief.

Healing Hands Holistic Health Center | School of Massage

Healing Hands Holistic Health Center School of Massage is a State licensed educational facility of Therapeutic Massage / Bodywork located in Clinton Township, Michigan. The School is dedicated to providing the best massage education possible. Healing Hands School prepares ethical and competent Massage Therapists, able to respond as an integral part of any total health care program. We provide quality education with a foundation of European and Swedish style massage that builds on a number of very effective techniques and new forms of bodywork. Personal instruction and hands on experience provides for the best practical and well - rounded education available. We prepare the student with a practical trade in Therapeutic Massage that they will find personally satisfying. Our program encourages continuing education and advancement in massage and other related health professions. Dennis Scheffler

The Bohemian Goat

The Bohemian Goat is a life enrichment center located in downtown Mount Clemens. We feature classes, workshops, and seminars on everything from DIY crafts, yoga and meditation, health and wellness, and all of the things in between. In addition to being a venue for learning we also call ourselves home to over 25 local artists and are happy to host monthly marketplaces open to the public. Our calendar, class descriptions, and sign ups are available on out website.

Olympia Spa & Salon Spiritual Retreat Center

Olympia Salon & Spa now has a Spirituality Retreat Suite. Olympia is promoting healing of the mind and body with Reiki massage, energy work, Chakra cleansing ,spirituality classes of all sorts, private readings and healing sessions. Olympia Salon & Spa has been known in Mt. Clemens for their mineral baths and many pampering services of relaxation and beauty for 24 years. Now we are embracing pampering and healing of the mind and spirit. Olympia is located in a beautiful historic hotel in Mt. Clemens. Step back in time when entering the historic Hotel and feel the welcoming and healing energy of the building while enjoying many of the relaxing and enlightening services and experiences.

Diversified Natural Health and Hearts Journey Meditations and Workshops

Kelly Kurek, MS, DiHom, CHHC Homeopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner, including Nutritional Guidance and Cranial Sacral Therapy & a Meditation and Spiritual Guidance Facilitator. Having a passion and focus on Hormonal Health and Wellbeing for women looking at anyone from Menstrual issues to infertility to Menopause. Available: EDA testing, QMRA testing, Heart Math Testing, Auriculotherapy, Iridology and Specialty Lab Testing like DUTCH, OAT, FM labs and GI Map.

Laura Fluke | The Quiet Room

For over sixteen years, Laura has been guiding and educating people to become more aware of their body, mind, and spirit and the connections between them. Though Laura has earned dual licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant and Massage Therapist, her most important and meaningful work has been her lifelong passion of studying human nature and the mind-body-spirit connection. Laura earned Master level certifications as an Energy Medicine Practitioner in two different lineages; Reiki (Usui) and the Q'ero Shamanic Traditions. Most recently, implementing Suzanne Scurlock's Healing From the Core method. This style of practice has filled in the gaps of all the disciplines studied utilizing a guided meditation style that dialogues with the body and mind. Laura has devoted her life to the discipline of self-realization and reconnection back to the wholeness of self. Intuitively, Laura implements guided explorations through the body to reconnect to sensation rather than emotion or 'the story' through breath work and dialoging. CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic & Eastern Medicine theory. Balancing the meridians and chakras also have their part to play in session – both in-person and remotely.

Dawn Cordon, AGNP-C

Dawn Cordone is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist & Functional Medicine Wellness Practitioner. She is the owner of HealthyWay Today LLC which offers support & detoxification for those with implants who may be suffering with Breast Implant illness and don't even know it. Dawn helps clients on their journey to discovering the root causes of their illness and helps determine if it is related to their breast implants. She also works with clients on Lifestyle Modification and Weight Management – using the Shape ReClaimed program and other steps to gaining your life back and achieving optimal wellness. She has the following modalities Available: Specialty lab testing, Quantum Resonance scanning, Hypnosis, and Color & Light therapy.

Grace Buffa | Life Journey Coaching

The essence of my company, Life Journey Coaching is this: I believe every person has the birthright to be happy, healthy and whole. To feel worthy and love who they are inside and out. We live in such a fast paced society. We have a lot on our plates, with pressures of careers, taking care of our families, and so on. I know as a women we can become depleted and burnt out . We feel like at the end of a work day we have no time to take care of ourselves, or we are not worthy and feel guilty if we take time for ourselves. I am here to tell you, that when you take the time to work on you, and take care of you, you are a better, happier, healthier, more loving version of you that inspires others to live the same. You can have it all...but you have to learn HOW to balance your life. As people become the best versions of ourselves we can live out our dreams and passions along with share the gifts that our uniquely ours. In sharing those gifts those people can go on to help others do the same in some way shape or form. She offers Stress Management sessions, Mind-set Coaching, and Preventative Health sessions.

Far East Gingseng Herbs & Tea

Far East Ginseng Herbs and Tea has been in business since 1993. We are one of the leading Chinese health food distributors and dietary supplements in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We specialize in traditional Chinese medicine, raw herbs, ginsengs, teas, herbal remedies. We also carry health nutrition foods, vitamin supplements, skincare products, oriental gifts & music, tai chi and much more.

Cindi Stecker | Arieyl Natural Health and Wellness Products

Hi, my name is Cindi Stecker and I'm a Rockstar, repping an amazing company. We have all the "Feely Goods" for mental and physical health. At Arieyl, we are on a mission to help you become your Highest Self, whether that means a restful night's sleep, weight management or great brain support, we have you covered!

Ethan Rymiszewski | Sacred Soul Works

Ethan Rymiszewski is the owner and lead practitioner of Sacred Soul Works, offering Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Spiritual Counseling. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a form of regression therapy that allows clients to tap into their unlimited potential, receiving guidance from the all-knowing aspect of self. Spiritual Counseling is an opportunity to receive guidance on the spiritual path. Ethan is focused on solution-oriented approaches enabling clients to see the birds-eye perspective in all situations. "Finding health, happiness, and connection - together."

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Far East Gingseng Herbs & Tea

Far East Ginseng Herbs and Tea has been in business since 1993. We are one of the leading Chinese health food distributors and dietary supplements in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We specialize in traditional Chinese medicine, raw herbs, ginsengs, teas, herbal remedies. We also carry health nutrition foods, vitamin supplements, skincare products, oriental gifts & music, tai chi and much more.