Jennifer Gale
Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner


October 18, 2023 – Natural Stress Relief Strategies

Stress is at an all-time high in our modern world. Stress is coming at us in ways we may or may not even recognize. And others are HIDDEN and might never be identified directly.


The results of these societal stressors are seen in the high use of artificial stress relievers that range from prescription drugs to alcohol! And you don’t have to look very far with our behavior patterns to recognize we are operating in a constant state of flight-or-fight.


In this class I’m going to share all the ways stress comes at us from hidden exposures to predictable ones. It is well known that stress reduces our life span, breaks down our physical bodies, and causes us to be out of balance with our lives in general. In this class I will illustrate why it is IMPERATIVE to develop a stress reduction plan in your life.


The good news about addressing stress is that there are LOTS and LOTS of natural means to help address our stressors. I will share best practices from the natural world that you can enact immediately.


Come out to learn and experience things like reflexology, herbs, essential oils, meditation, massage, exercise, music, PEMF therapy, breathwork, and even mindfulness and gratitude practices.

99 s main st, Mount Clemens MI 48043


Please RSVP to or call (586) 461-1416 to CONFIRM your spot.