Jennifer Gale
Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner


Thermography Day – October 23, 2021

⭐⭐I am THRILLED to have Adelpha Mobile Thermography returning to my studio on Saturday, October 23 from 10 am to 3pm! ⭐⭐
Call me at 586-468-4539 for pricing information and to make your appointment today. SPOTS FILL UP QUICK!
👉If you have been thinking about having a thermoscan for your breast health, want to evaluate your thyroid health, or have a look at your carotid artery to assess your stroke potential, THIS is the appointment to make.
👉What is thermography you may ask?
🔥Approved for use by the FDA in 1982, thermography is a diagnostic tool in which infrared rays are used to convert blood flow and body heat to images. The process uses a thermal camera to measure subtle changes or differences in the temperature of infrared heat that’s emitted by infections, cysts, inflammation, or tumors in the tissue and vessels.
🔥Because thermography uses thermographic images to record physiological, or thermal, changes in the tissue, it is considered non-invasive! Which means lower risk than other forms of screenings like mammography.
🔥The screen being offered at my studio is State-of-the-art MOBILE health awareness screening that is the best across Michigan.
🔥For women, this scan is vitally important if any of these categories apply to you: Dense or fibrocystic breasts, Small/Large Breasts, Reductions and Implants, Pregnant or Lactating, Previous Lumpectomy or Mastectomy, Pre/Post Menopausal, Currently taking Bio-Identical Hormones. Thermography can provide the answers you need! It can detect subtle changes in tissue 5-8 years sooner than mammography or other conventional testing.
No pain. No compression. No radiation.
Make your appointment today! 586-468-4539. The cost is $225 for 1 scan and multiple scans are discounted.