Jennifer Gale
Classical Naturopath & Holistic Practitioner

Alkebulan Eatery

Plant Based Foods From The Motherland

African Food is Delicious and Healthy

Alkebulan is a word from ancient times that is translated as “Land of the Africans”.


African people were the original healthy eaters but their tasty cuisine is still not familiar to many outside the continent.

Why plant based eating you might ask? The answer is simple – eating a primarily plant based diet promotes improved health.

The cuisine of the continent is as diverse and varied as the people themselves! Examples of dishes that I offer through Alkebulan Eatery are Mafe or Peanut Stew, Various types of Greens, Spicy Blackeyed peas, Jollof Rice, Ginger Beer, and so much more. All dishes can be made with or without meat with no sacrifice to the taste!

African cuisine in general makes liberal use of onions, garlic, peppers, palm oil, tomato, root vegetables, beans, fruits and vegetables of every sort, seafood, and dozens of herbs and spices.

I prepare each and every Eatery offering with care and attention to detail. Food is life and culture – make plans to share some of the cuisine of the continent at your next event or gathering.

Make your next event the social event of the season with tasty dishes from Alkebulan Eatery!